Windchill PDMLink vs. SAP PLM
  • Why customers use PTC Windchill PDMLink to manage PTC Creo data instead of SAP PLM?

... there are several reasons, why customers go for PTC Windchill PDMLink instead of SAP PLM. From our experience these are:


  1. SAP PLM ist a Toolkit application, which uses PTCs APIs for the communication with PTC Creo. Therefor not all PTC Creo functionality is supported.
  2. PTC Windchill PDMLink has a performance optimized architecture:
    • workspace
  • smart and sophisticated replication functionality
  • can handle large assemblies (with a lot of smart features)
  • etc.
    1. Supported functions which could be restricted in use under SAP PLM:
      • change references
  • dependent copy
  • working with relations
  • family tables
  • part reuse
  • layouts
  • exchange assemblies
  • automated assembly
  • use of inheritance feature
  • reference control
  • use of programs
  • use of new Creo functionality (unite technology)
  • etc.
    1. Lack of o good migration strategy
    2. Implementation takes a lot of time and money
    3. Restricted option for connecting to the outer world (external users and partner)
    4. Restricted Viewing functionality
    5. Frustrated users (Engineers do not want to work with SAP)


    What about your experiences with PLM implementation?

    I wait for your ideas and responses ... Share your knowledge with other designers.


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