How to create Nested Mapkey

You can Nest Mapkeys so that one mapkey initiates another. To nest a mapkey, include the mapkey name preceded by a percent sign (%) in the sequence of commands of the mapkey you are defining.

For example:

mapkey $F5 %rd;%qw;%er

About Mapkeys: a mapkey is a keyboard macro that maps frequently used command sequences to certain keyboard keys or sets of keys. You can define a unique key or combination of keys (for example F8, Q1, MP). The mapkeys you can save to configuration file.

MAC adress Reader – unique computer identification

Would you like to identify the MAC address of your LAN adapter?

Here is a small utility that will help you: MAC_Reader


Repeat-Last-Command (RLC) utility recognise last command used in Creo and allow to you start to use last used Creo command.

Apply it with CTRL+SPACEBAR

For example: if you create a Datum feature you can crate new Datum feature directly with CTRL+SPACEBAR or in the Sketch if you create new Rectangle and you need to create again the new one – select CTRL+SPACEBAR and you can create again last command (Rectangle).

DONATE: If you find my RLC utility useful, please support me – Money donation will be nice 🙂 – DONATION button is on top right corner on this page.

Download: Repeat-Last-Command.zip

How to use 4K-app: MultiMapkey

Specify a list of ProE and Creo data and Modify this objects with the Mapkey function – Easy, Quickly, How you need it.

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